Village of Skokie Ordinance allows Native Plant Species

A recent article posted to the Skokie Patch website stated that the Skokie weed ordinance is applied to native species or flowers planted in a yard. This statement is not correct and misrepresents the Village ordinance.  The Village does not take action against property owners with native plant gardens

Native plant gardens and weeds are very different plant growths.  The Skokie weed ordinance, designed to ensure that properties in the Village are well-maintained, does not apply to these plants and states:

Weeds are any annual or perennial herbaceous plant of volunteer growth, not cultivated or useful for human food or enjoyment, and which, when in blossom, exhales an unpleasant or noxious odor or gives off pollen irritating to human tissue; and also any high or bank vegetable growth that may conceal debris or filthy deposits or constitute a fire hazard when dry. The term "weeds" shall include grass which is permitted to attain a growth of more than 6 inches.

Additionally, the Skokie weed ordinance is not “currently a topic of debate and litigation” and any questions for clarification regarding the ordinance should be directed to the Village’s Environmental Health Department at 847/933-8484.

The Village appreciates and values the work and creativity that goes into lawn-care and property maintenance.  The Beautification and Improvement Commission hosts the Property Owner's Beautification Awards Ceremony every April, in which Skokie property owners and residents are recognized for their colorful and welcoming groundskeeping.  Please consider taking photos of your garden this season to submit to the Commission.  Visit www.skokie.org/BeautificationImprovementCommission.cfm for more information.



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