Car Pulled From River May Contain Body Of Lincolnwood Man That Mysteriously Disappeared in 2001

While testing out new sonar equipment, the Chicago Police Department's Marine Unit found a vehicle with bones inside, police said. Officials believe the person inside the vehicle is Michael Jansson, who mysteriously went missing in March 2001.

A Lincolnwood man who mysteriously went missing more than a decade ago might have been found after the Chicago Police Department's Marine Unit located a vehicle in the Chicago River early Saturday morning , according to officer John Mirabelli.

"The vehicle was pulled out of the water around noon," Mirabelli told Patch. "Human bones were located in that vehicle."

Mirabelli said the department's marine unit stumbled into finding the vehicle after testing out new sonar equipment. Police believe the remains belong to Michael Jansson, of Lincolnwood, who was reported missing in March 2001. 

"The identity has to be determined by DNA so we can't say with certainty that it's him," Mirabelli said. "We're hoping we can positively identify the victim and bring closure to the family."

In 2001, the Chicago Reader reported on Jansson's disappearance which was titled Dead or Alive?  

According to that article, Jansson went to Biology Bar in Lincoln Park with three friends on the night he went missing, March 9, 2001. It was reported that Jansson was kicked out of the bar following a scuffle between several patrons around 2 a.m.

After getting kicked out, Jansson had one of his friend's cell phones and another friend's car keys in his possession. 

Jansson would then thank the bouncer who broke up the fight and "abruptly" got into his friend's car and left, the Chicago Reader reported in 2001. 

Jansson's parents told the Reader in 2001 that they didn't believe their son would have stolen a vehicle and run away.

"I think there was something else that went on and it backfired," said Dean, Michael Jansson's father to the Chicago Reader in 2001. "I've got a feeling that we're gonna' keep digging and we're gonna' get a can of worms - where it takes my son and it takes everybody down at the same time. I got a feeling there's gonna' be something bad about this."

At this time, no further information is available. 

Patch reached out to Jansson's family and friends but calls were not immediately returned. If new details come in Patch will update.

Also, to read the Chicago Reader's detailed 2001 story of Jansson's disappearance, click here.


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