Big Skokie Family Gets a $25K Home Makeover

The Lancaster family in Skokie has four biological children, one adopted and one foster. They also have three more international adopted children to join the family on the way. The family recently won a $25,000 home makeover by Chicago Closets by Design

A Skokie family received a $25,000 gift from Chicago Closets by Design recently.

In the spirit of the holidays, the Chicago Closets by Design gifted a $25,000 home organization project to a deserving Skokie family. Chosen as the winners of the first annual “Holidays by Design” contest, Jason and Melissa Lancaster were in desperate need of organizing their bustling house of six children – four of which are biological, one adopted and one foster. There are three more international adopted children to join the family on the way.

"We love kids, and we love to love kids, but we often have a hard time keeping all their necessities organized,” Jason Lancaster told the Skokie Review. “Soon and very soon we are going to welcome more internationally adopted children into our home.

"Once the paperwork clears, up to three more children will join in the fun and love," he added. "It is a blast, but it also makes for an organizational nightmare.”

Brian Berendsen, owner of Closets by Design, and his team made a significant impact on the Lancaster’s north side home, with seven to 10 different projects in all areas of the home – kitchen (pantries), foyers, closets, dining room, basement and laundry area.

To view the full redesign, click here.


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