Commenters React to Gun Debate

Commenters express their opinions regarding the on-going gun debate.

Tensions ran high at a panel on gun control last Sunday, as pro-gun advocates intentionally packed the Glenview Police Station auditorium for the event, which was held by the New Trier Democrats. The debate has continued, however, in the Patch comment sections on the articles about the panel.

“It was a pretty intense environment,” said commenter Jennifer Mcquet. “On the way out, had a very engaging conversation with two intelligent, well-informed NRA gentlemen (not to be confused with those that were not acting in a civil fashion and just loudly sprouting their own stats). They did not know one another, but shared their individual viewpoints with us and we did with them. All of agreed we could agree on background checks and longer waiting periods. More listening, less shouting might be a good stop forward. 

Commenter Rabbi Cheerio said, “I was there, it was fun — about 98% pro liberty. More lies and propaganda from the gun haters. Very few of them there. 

The Police, a commenter who identified himself as a police officer, noted that he felt the debate on gun control was in violation of his Constitutional rights.

“I intend to call to anyone’s attention hat will listen that the problem is not guns, it is PEOPLE,” he wrote. “People like the assailant [Adam] Lanza, who after being kept hiding in his mother’s basement drinking Mountain Dew and playing violent video games for hundreds, if not thousands, of hours, killed his mother, donned his earplugs, stole his dead mother’s car and guns and killed those young children.”

Commenter Amy Parker, however, disagreed.

“[I’m] very glad that we live in a country where it is possible to have a reasonable debate about issues that affect all citizens, not just people who own guns,” she wrote. “We DO, in fact, need to have a discussion about this matter. It is not necessarily true that the second amendment intended for Joe and Jane Citizen to own military-style weapons and have access to high-capacity magazines. … None of us have unlimited rights, ever. And gun-owners should not be an exception.”

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Jim January 24, 2013 at 12:00 AM
THe gun control people need to answer one question: who will defend you from either criminals, crazies or a tyrannical government be it local, state or national? The police? the army? your neighbor? Senator Durbin or some other politician? Yourself?
Tim F January 24, 2013 at 02:28 AM
I have a valid FOID card. I have no problem with registering my guns and assuming responsibility for their whereabouts. I will not give them up for a Walmart gift card or some other stupid perk. To quote a comment that I read on Patch; "I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six".
Dan Cox January 24, 2013 at 11:29 AM
Chicago, Illinois Politicians like, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Patrick Quinn, Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton and a slew of Democrat State Repreststives are rabbid Anti-Gun Advocates. On 1/6/13 an Anti-Gun Bill was being prepared for a Vote, during the Lame Duck Session, mind you, this was on a Sunday! This Bill, SB2899, Sponsored by Il. Senate President John Cullerton, would have Banned the ownership of tens of thousands of guns in Illinois esidents possession and authorized the confiscation of those guns immediately. Many guns were on that list, including PumpAction Shotguns, the #1 most popular Hunting and Home Defense gun in America, that has been in existance for over 100 years! We need to understand that this Gun Registration idea, is so "THEY", know who has what, where it is and it is for one purpose... Confiscation. The Bill. SB2899 was killed in Commitee, by the efforts of Illinois State Rifle Association and many Illinois residents efforts. Do not be fooled by these Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Nancy I. Thorner, wrote a great article about this for the Patch, but they buried it.
Dan Cox January 25, 2013 at 11:14 AM
The Srcond Amendment clearly states that we have a Right to bear arms and to use them in self defense as well as in the defense of our state. The Illinois Constitution, clearly states in Article 12, that every able bodied person, is part of the Illinois State Militia, in defense of the state. So, to those who do not understand the portion of the Secend Amendment saying, militia... look at your Illinois State Constitution and read, Article 12.
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