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Take the Pledge to Ditch Distracted Driving!

We will have resources for those who want to learn more about distracted driving and a personal story about Nikki Kelleyni, an 18 year old teenager who lost her life in a distracted driving accident. To learn more about the campaign, follow our Facebook page and Twitter to keep up to date with our efforts. To join our efforts to end distracted driving visit www.malmanlaw.com where you can take a pledge to ditch distracted. driving.
- Posted by Malman Law Blog on Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Patch


Thanksgiving is and has always been my favorite holiday. I had the good fortune to spend my first 43 Thanksgivings at the same place - my aunt/uncles. ....I always considered Thanksgiving an interesting compliment to Yom Kippur - The day of Atonement. A day to focus on personal wrongs and a day to focus on gifts, nonetheless, given to me. Every once in awhile though, thankfulness stems from someone or something that you recognize has forever changed your life in positive way, which you neither anticipated or thought possible. In part, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of its simplicity; gather with people you love, eat a good meal, and give thanks for the people, experiences and/or meaningful things that have graced your life.
- Posted by Dr. Mark Solomon on Libertyville Patch

Great Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

A boutique wine store like d'vine Wine and Gifts is the perfect place to do your shopping. Wine is always a favorite gift to give or receive. You can get something that suits a persons individual taste, because we all know there is more to wine than color. Ideas include wine baskets, a wine club membership or a wine tasting. Wine tastings combine a little education and great wine in order to help you discover new wines and see what you really like. They are also a are a great social event.
- Posted by d'Vine Wine and Gifts on Palatine Patch

Party Like It's 1964!

When Winnetka realtor, Joan Conlisk first saw the home at 1250 Hill Road, a property she was hired six weeks ago to sell, her first thought was the show, Mad Men. Conlisk then had another idea, which involved the Winnetka Historical Society. “I called the director and said, ‘I represent a home that is right out of Mad Men, and I think you should have a party here.’” 
- Posted by Joan Conlisk on Winnetka Patch

Calling All Moms!

New moms are asked to be the same person they were before the baby -- to work, to manage the house, to be a wonderful and fulfilling partner -- all the while taking care and raising a whole new human being. Mothers, of all people, need and deserve all the support they can get. So that's why I founded Mama Power TeesMama Power Tees are fun feminine, graphic tees that are meant to celebrate and unite mamas in mommyhood.  We've recently launched a Kickastarter Campaign in order to raise enough funds to make our first mass print of t-shirts and develop one new design.
- Posted by Anya Wiley Tanyavutti for Mama Power Tees-Kickstarter Campaign on Evanston Patch

Bloated And Massive Farm Bill Hits Wall

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) initially announced on November 17 that bipartisan progress was being made on the farm bill. Lucas further desired that a framework be set up when legislators met again on November 21 for the purpose of passing a House farm bill conference agreement before Congress adjourned for the year on December 13. 
- Posted by Nancy J. Thorner on Northbrook Patch


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