How Well Did They Plow Snow? 'Great' To 'Sloppy,' Readers Say

Skokie residents had mixed opinions on how well the streets and expressways - not just in Skokie - were plowed.

A view of Galitz Street after an earlier snowfall in January. Photo: Pam DeFiglio, Patch.com.
A view of Galitz Street after an earlier snowfall in January. Photo: Pam DeFiglio, Patch.com.

From "Skokie did a fantastic job with the snow today" to "At 12:15 pm today, Touhy between Cicero and Central was a disaster," readers had lots to say about how well streets and expressways were cleared of snow.

The Village of Skokie maintains most streets, but some--such as Touhy Avenue, Crawford Avenue, Skokie Boulevard, Golf Road and Old Orchard Road--are maintained by the state or county, which bears responsibility for plowing them.

See what readers had to say in this graphic. Click on "6 Comments" on the right hand side to see the comments.

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Dolores Erlebacher January 22, 2014 at 08:58 AM
The performance was so-so. After paying to get my walks and entry to my garage shoveled, the village comes along and dumps it back onto the sidewalk. Main streets good, side streets are not. Albert Erlebacher
April Troy January 22, 2014 at 11:27 AM
Evanston did surprisingly well the last two snows...................
David Zornig January 22, 2014 at 12:11 PM
Part of Plowing 101, is if you are going to have 2 plows in succession, the second plow should be offset closer to the curb. To further displace the snow the first plow just moved. Instead of following directly behind each other. Skokie hasn't mastered this yet. Westbound Oakton from Lowell to Knox, is often reduced from two lanes to one, because Village plows don't make the effort to clear snow to the actual curbside. Even though plows go by in tandem and could easily do so. This causes motorists to park their cars hanging out into the R/H lane, thus merging the two lanes into one. I've lost count of how many driver's side mirrors I've witnessed ripped off by passing cars. As they try to maintain the two lanes, while parked cars hang out in traffic. Often with better than 1 foot from the snowbank themselves. So their passengers can exit.


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