Poll: How Should The Village Handle Crosswalk Safety Concerns?

Residents are expected raise concerns during the Skokie Board meeting Monday night.

As residents are set to pose concerns during Monday's board meeting.

"The broader message needs to be improving saftey around schools and parks," James McNelis, President of the School Board for Skokie District 73.5 told Skokie Patch earlier. "A lot of us are goign to be at the Village Trustee meeting and if we're allowed to get up and speak that's the message we're going to deliver."


"I think the village is going to listen and that's a good thing." McNelis added.

Roughly 292 people have signed the online petition which asks fo the following:

  • Additional signage at the crosswalk on Main St. at both Drake Avenue and St. Louis Avenue. 
  • Signs for eastbound drivers at A) the southwest corner of Main Street and Drake and B) the southwest corner of Main Street and St. Louis and a painted white line at Drake Street and St. Louis.
  • Signs for westbound drivers at A) the northeast corner of Main Street and Drake and B) the northeast corner of Main Street and St. Louis at Drake Street.
  • A flashing light surrounding the current “stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk” sign at Drake Avenue on Main Street.
  • Four way stop signs at all intersections immediately surrounding Skokie schools. 
  • Narrow Main Street at Drake Avenue

But before public comments are heard tonight, we wanted to know what you think should be done regarding the safety measures?

You can check out and sign the petition online. Stay tuned for more news from Skokie Patch. Share your thoughts below or on Facebook.

Earl Weiss June 04, 2012 at 11:45 AM
Info signs and lines yes. Stop signs and narrowing - No.
Spot Devices June 05, 2012 at 08:55 PM
The following systems meet the requirements that Village residents are requesting: http://www.spotdevices.com/system-rrfb.html and http://www.spotdevices.com/system-school-zone.html


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