World Festival of One Act Plays

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Niles North Theatre presents The World Festival of One Act Plays, a three-day festival of student-directed short plays that runs January 12 through 14, 2012 in the Drama Performance Center at 9800 Lawler, Skokie. The plays will explore various cultures, their art and their people, through groupings of funny, moving, meaningful plays. Some plays may have adult themes and/or language. Tickets are $5.  Call the Box Office at (847) 626-2122.  A free community performance will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, January 12.


The 10 a.m. performance on Thursday, January 12 and 2 p.m. performance on Saturday, January 14 (appropriate for children) features:

-          “The Olive Jar” by Ethel McFarlan and directed by Jonathan Berg-Einhorn. The cast includes Andrew Mabis, Aliza Malyani, Faiza Lalani, A.J. Bunag, Evan Sturt, David Liljewall and Dianne Maglaque. Persian children’s play featuring Good and Evil.

-          “The Peach Tree Kingdom” by Rosemary G. Musil and directed by Hannah Davis. The cast includes Justin Suh, Lauryn Schmelzer, Hannah Sahyouni, Anabel Abraham, Jaquelyn Shannon, Kayla Ciccone, Julia Melnick and Amina Craig. Japanese children’s tale of deceit, stolen identity and self discovery.

-          “The Jar” by Luigi Pirandello and directed by Chris Khoshaba. The cast includes Nathan Selinger, David Gilbert, Evan Sturt, Noah Zeidman, Camille Paskind, Vicki Stahopoulos, Allegra Rosenberg, Sasha Goman, Sofia Ballicora, Sean Ro and Joey Oliveri. A Sicilian countryside filled with quirky characters that end up digging themselves into holes.


The 4 p.m. performance on Thursday, January 12 and 7 p.m. performance on Friday, January 13 features:

-          “Blood Guilty” by Antoine O’Flatharta and directed by Athanasia Giannetos. The cast includes Sebastijan Torgus, Joey Oliveri, David Liljewall and Glenn Weissman. This play focuses on two brutal brothers as they attempt to murder two elderly brothers in Ireland.

-          “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” by Peter Handy and directed by Alex Hammond. The cast includes Teresa Franks and Noah Zeidman. A Native American soldier and the nurse who cared for him, develop feelings for each other through their written correspondence.

-          “The Pistachio Stories” by Laura Shamas and directed by Nina Roy. The cast includes Amy Hadgorn, Ben Sahyouni and Julia Thummel. Two Arab Americans search for truth in the midst of the Bush administration and a world of war.


The 7 p.m. performance on Thursday, January 12 and 4 p.m. performance on Saturday, January 14 (appropriate for children) features:

-          “The Tiger, The Brahman and The Jackal” by James T. Belich and directed by Naveen Kanji. The cast includes Ryan Loach, Sarah Alkyer, Cathleen Lee, Erin Rourke, Sally Alvarado, Elizabeth Marley, Destiny Hall and Maggi Kreisheh. This fable with a twist sheds light on Indian folktales.

-          “The Monkey Without a Tail” by Barbara Winther and directed by Will Boersma. The cast includes Kim Cortez, Carissa You, Mazdak Khoshnood, Leah Shain, Natalie Aleman, Sean Ro, Jenny Boston, Sara Morisson, Safire Ishay and Courtney Ebelina. An Ethiopian king demands the world’s best honey and only a monkey without a tail can end the madness.


The 4 p.m. performance on Friday, January 13 and 7 p.m. performance on Saturday, January 14 features: 

-          “She Was a Lazy Witch” by John Kirkpatrick aand directed by Shannon Rourke. The cast includes Rachel Burton, Maddie Martin, Margaret Hensley, Yiorgos Giannetos, Max Dolinko and Mariam Zaya. Three witch sisters try to fit into the bustle of New York life.

-          “The Flying Doctor” by Molière and directed by Dylan Connelley. The cast includes Eugene Hyun, Ryan Loach, Olivia Reyes, Rebecca Pickering, Diana Coardos, Sabina Dzelilovic and Robin Wallace. A quirky, light bit of fun provides that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

-          “Coming Home” by Motti Lerner and directed by Rachel Sepiashvili. The cast includes Jordan Weiss, Dani Kulbak, Yiorgos Giannetos and Joanna Vaklin. A soldier goes to war to defend his country and comes home with unexpected emotions.


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