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Evernote: The App That's Like a Second Brain

Evernote's mobile app lets you record audio notes, photos and text.


I'm sure you've experienced it too: Someone recommends a time-saving mobile app to you. And life is busy, so you put off trying it out.

But when you finally download it, you can't imagine life without it.

That was my journey to Evernote, the all-in-one brain in your pocket.

Now, as an editor for Patch and an (occasional) author, I'm always taking notes. I take photos of places I want to visit again, jot down memorable quotes and talk to myself on my audio recorder almost constantly. Before Evernote, I'd use the iPhone's built-in yellow pad Notes program or, most recently, Genius Scan (a very good scanner app) to keep track of my thoughts.

Evernote (which is free for the iPhone and Android) made them both seem redundant very quickly, mostly because of its versatility. For example, if I'm driving and (obviously) don't want to type a note to myself, I can record it using the audio function. Now, it takes a few taps to get to the audio recorder (something that can perhaps be updated in a new version) but the ease of use is pretty amazing.

It also lets me keep track of my topics in folders and email myself and others things from those folders. I can also take photos, and store notes along with those pictures, for proper context. Other features: bookmarking favorite websites, sharing notebooks and a tagging function.

Evernote also has a mapping function that will record where and when you've taken notes or a photo (in my case, a favorite bookstore or greasy spoon restaurant).

But what I like most about Evernote is its syncing ability. With the other notes programs I've used, I'm likely to record something — then lose it or forget about it. But Evernote syncs with my home computer, so even if I lose my phone, the information isn't lost.

And neither am I. Most times.


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