Ordering Out: The new Jet’s Pizza in Skokie

The Michigan-based chain serves excellent deep dish pies reminiscent of Peaquods or Burt's in Morton Grove.

The Michigan-based Jet’s Pizza has more than 200 locations across the country, but the new Skokie location is the chain's first in the North Shore. While the company is entering a field crowded by other chains and local favorites, the high quality food and convenient delivery makes it poised for success.

Located in a strip mall at 4112 Dempster St., Jet’s Pizza is carryout and delivery only. Unable to resist the chance to do a restaurant review in my pajamas, I ordered in Friday night. The employee answering the phones was very polite and patient, first checking to confirm that the restaurant delivered to my Evanston address, and then explaining Jet’s special offers and different pizza options. I’d been intrigued by the New York Bold Fold ($13.68), a large pie with really thin crust meant to be eaten folded, but was told that what Jet’s really does well is deep dish. I went with a small pie ($6.99, plus $1.09 per topping) and a small order of Jet’s bread ($4.99). The woman on the phone was fine with staying on the line while I searched Jet’s Web site for coupons, even though I didn’t find anything that applied.

The restaurant predicted my order would take 30 to 40 minutes and it came right within that window. I found it refreshing, since my default for deep dish delivery, , always takes at least an hour.

My fiancé and I dug in to the piping hot pie and were very impressed. Jet’s deep dish is more reminiscent of the pies at and than Giordano’s or . The crust is crisp on the bottom, with a fluffy middle covered by sauce, excellent cheese and generous portions of toppings. The result is something not as dense as Chicago-style deep dish but more filling and satisfying than thin-crust.

I went with black olives and mushrooms for my half, while my fiancé ordered jalapenos and spicy pepperoni. The vegetables were fresh and the peppers packed plenty of heat. I was especially impressed with the pepperoni. I’m typically not a fan of pepperoni pizza, since I find the meat makes the pie too greasy for my taste. However, Jet’s version features small and crispy slices that are packed with a great flavor. We were full after eating four of our six slices.

The Jet’s bread was fine, but not really necessary to the meal. The order features about a dozen slices of fluffy bread topped with melted mozzarella, garlic and grated Romano cheese served with a large cup of pizza sauce. While I found the sauce worked well in the pie, it was a little too sweet for me to want to slather bread in it; I wound up eating my slices dry.

Jet’s is in the midst of an ambitious expansion, with another new store in Naperville and plans to open locations in Champaign and Arlington Heights. The confidence feels warranted; I was surprised by how good their pizza was. I’ll be ordering from them again the next time I’m in the mood for a pizza night at home.

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