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Surprisingly, it just may well be the Skokie Club's one-year anniversary as well. The restaurant recently opened near Main Street and Skokie Boulevard. Unfortunately, our critic wasn't too pleased with the experience.

True, they aren't new anymore, but the recently opened (last year) Bar Louie in Skokie offers a nice atmosphere for sports fans looking for a local spot. Sometimes, new restaurants miss their mark with critics, but this one seemed to please our reviewer.

If you're looking to find me, well, you just may find me at the Aok Gourmet Deli, just across the street from the Skokie Yellow Line. I'm a regular and have yet to order something else besides the Mediterranean Chicken. In this review, our critic checks out two local delis: Aok Gourmet and the ever loved Kaufman's.

A fine dinning experience that offers the flavors of the Far East is a lot closer than you think. Makisu Sushi at the Village Crossing shopping center is a yummy delight, I can attest to that myself.

You may have driven by this place around lunch time and wondered what all the hub-bub is about. Well, read our review of Taboun Grill to find out.


Do you like comfort food? Do you like giant portions and big breakfasts on the cheaps? Then you might like Sparky's. It's even got a skinny grill man named Gus.

I used to walk by this place all the time. Located inside Macy's at Westfield Old Orchard Mall, Frontera Fresco is one delicious restaurant run by renowned chef Rick Bayless.

Big Mouth Noodles & Rice is Thai food worth shouting about. Located at 4031 Dempster St., this restaurant offers an artistically pleasing interior with delicious flavors from the East.

Yolo is a unique place. The Mexican restaurant is located in downtown Skokie, is small and has odd hours. But that doesn't stop it from being packed with customers on a regular basis.

I grew up in Skokie, and have been going to Dengeos since it opened. The place has been around forever. Originally, the restaurant was owned by two Greek immigrants who served food out of a shack. The restaurant has since expanded--to the point where its massive parking lot becomes a mission to navigate. The place is always busy, and if you want  

This place is old. As our critic put it: "Ubaa isn't your father's pub--it's your grandmother's and the place has been showing Skokie how to have a good time for more than 70 years."

I have to admit, in the summer time, there may not be a cooler place to hang out and drink a beer than Curragh Irish Pub. The bar features an outdoor garden for locals to kick back and relax. Great place to watch a soccer or football game, too.

I love Sweety Pies. If you haven't heard about this gem in downtown Skokie, then

If you're looking for something other than fast food after 10 p.m. in Skokie, then Champps American Restaurant may be your only bet. Luckily, the place isn't too bad. On Mondays, it offers half prices on all burgers. Not too shabby.  

Jamaican cuisine? In Downtown Skokie? You bet.

Who has the best burger in Skokie?

The owner of Illinois Nut & Candy is quite the character. He's known to dress like Willey Wonka and drives around in a candy mobile--if there is such a thing. And the reality is, he doesn't want you to ever stop thinking about candy.

When it comes to diners in downtown Skokie, Pat's Place is a staple in the community.


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