Number 3: Skokie Patch's Biggest Stories of 2012

Our third biggest story of 2012 was a tragic one.

Skokie Patch’s third biggest story of 2012 was an unfortunate tragedy.

On May 21, Skokie resident Hanin Goma caused a three-car accident that ultimately took the life of 9-year-old Carter Vo. The accident occurred at the intersection of Main Street and St. Louis Avenue.

The unfortunate incident happened after Goma finished her shift working as a cashier at Grecian Kitchen, according to police. Goma then made a right turn to head eastbound on Main Street when another vehicle struck her car. In the end, Goma's vehicle would lose control and hit Vo who was across the street on his bicycle.

The story sparked a chain reaction across the community. Some residents posted signs (that are still present near the accident) saying “Slow down. Save a Child." Others feel the intersection is unsafe, especailly since it is so close to a school. There were also community remembrances for Vo.

Where do things sit now?

Shortly after posting 10 percent of her $250,000 bail, Goma violated her release terms.

According to police, Goma was a victim of a battery incident after drinking with one of her friends. However, the incident occurred more than half-a-mile from her home in the 5000 block of Wright Terrace. Being that far from her home was a violation of her release terms.

On July 10, Goma plead not guilty in the crash that killed Vo.

On Dec. 20, Skokie Patch reported that no plea deal was reached in the case against Goma, 23.

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Earl Weiss December 28, 2012 at 12:22 PM
This was a terrible tragedy. Unfortuneately it was used to promote certain personal parochial agendas to implement measures which have absolutley no causal connection to the tragedy and as such will not prevent similar factors (which may be unpreventable for all practical purposes) in the future.
Oliver P. McCracken December 28, 2012 at 05:12 PM
With the school named after me just a few city-blocks from the scene of this most tragic incident, I find it disheartening that the village constables still do not monitor the speed with which people drive their motorcars down the boulevard. Why, I will be driving the speeding limit in my own coach, and others will attempt to pass me on the right-hand side, often giving obscene gestures in the process. While the wench who caused this death is the one at fault, had been partaking of oriental opiates or hashish or laudanum all the while, and will hopefully be dealt with harshly in some penal manner, the same thing could have easily happened if a sober schoolmarm or temperate milkmaid had attempted to merge into the speeding and aggressive traffic along the same stretch. It can be rather difficult for the less-experienced and faint-of-carriage to turn into such fast-paced traffic. When I venture south to Oakton Avenue, there are usually village police-men armed with their electrical x-ray devices, trying to stop speeding auto-motorists. Would it be so hard for some of them to be moved a few city-blocks north to Main Street?
Earl Weiss December 29, 2012 at 11:47 AM
"Oliver P. McCracken .... Why, I will be driving the speeding limit in my own coach, and others will attempt to pass me on the right-hand side, often giving obscene gestures in the process. ... Thanks for bringing this up. If I brought it up someone might think I was just promoting my agenda. I have experienced this myself, often since the speed limit change. . Tailgating and road rage is exacerbated by the unreasonably low speed limit when traffic volume is often light and pedestrian presence non existant. Going 25mph on a thorougfare which is virtualy empty is nutty.
Katie Gudgel December 29, 2012 at 03:33 PM
If you are unhappy with the speed limit reductions, please contact the Village Trustees and in particular Trustee Randy Roberts. At the Oct 2 Village Board meeting, Trustee Roberts said with regards to the reduced speed limit on Main St “The beauty of a democracy is sometimes we can experiment on a local level and we don’t always have to follow consultants. And sometimes common sense says that we should try and experiment and if they don’t work we can go back and we can change.” Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the speed limit reductions. But the way to actually get that done is to make your voice heard by the Village Trustees.
Oliver P. McCracken December 29, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Dearest Duke of Earl, The speeding limit on this stretch is 30 miles per hour. It drops to 20 at Middleton School -- when children are present. I think this is completely reasonable. (Note that there WERE children present in the vicinity when that little boy was killed -- playing on the playground with the Skokie Park District's after-school SPACE program).... People do not need to go faster than 30 on Main between Crawford and McCormick (since the 30 means they go 40 -- if it was raised to 40, then people would go 50), both because of the obscured sightlines by the forested median and because there is an ELEMENTARY school halfway down the stretch, situated just as traffic from either way is picking up top speed. The stretch that SHOULD be raised is the 30 and 35 mile per hour piece of Oakton -- a four-lane road with NO schoolhouses once my own McCracken (middle school, where the children aren't as innocent or helpless as a grade school) is out of the way. Alas, this won't be raised because it provides so much revenue for the village and so many easy opportunities for the village's torpid, shiftless, pathetic, and apathetic police force to NOT curtail danger but to instead police problems that are not problems and to play their pretend police games by pulling over speeding motorists who would cause no harm except clipping the occasional scoundrel or ruffian jaywalking across Oakton at the St. Louis intersection bus stop.
Johanna Czehinkski January 05, 2013 at 04:18 AM
I am late to this article but I'd like to comment anyway. i live at main and Kimball. It is absolutely ridiculous that Main street has been turned into a side street. The accident that claimed this beautiful child had nothing to do with anyone speeding...the village is turning this tragedy into an excuse to make money ...which is reprehensible! This was not an issue of speed...it was an issue of someone being high. Do they turn every street into a 25 MPH zone that has a drunk dirving accident? Did they lower the speed to 25 on Dempster after that horrible accident on Skokie Blvd and Dempster that claimed the life of a woman? In spite of the new Oberweiss and Burger place being built there, making traffic beyond crazy, now people are being funneld onto Dempster to avoid this silly 25 MPH on Main. I drive the 25 mph and people either ride my bumper or pass me doing 50. How is that safer than it used to be?
Katie Gudgel January 07, 2013 at 12:09 AM
I would like to repeat what I said above - if you aren't happy with the reduced speed limits, then notify the Village of Skokie Trustees. In addition, if you don't like the decisions that the Trustees have been making (like the reduction in speed limits), then elect someone else. All six of the trustee positions are up for election on April 9, 2013. The Skokie Caucus Party, who has been the only political party in office for many, many years, has put forth a slate of six candidates (3 of which are incumbents). But there are also 3 independent candidates that are running. So, if you are unhappy with the decisions being made, then go to the polls and support new decision-makers. The key is to make sure that your voice is heard by people with the ability to made changes. Disclaimer: I am the campaign manager for Brian Novak, one of the independent candidates for Skokie Trustee.


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