Independent Hilaire FUJI Shioura

Personal declaration to run as an Independent for the office of mayor for the Village of Skokie for the Consolidated Election of April 9th, 2013

Since I ran for the United States Congress this past election of 2012, I have personally learned with great humility, witnessed firsthand and experienced frequently the challenges our democracy faces in the 21st century.  Likewise I remember two events when I was 17 years old on Thanksgiving; the first was it was Thanksgiving and the second was learning why not to vote when I turned 18. Fast forward to the election of 2012 and I was unfortunately proved correct. Whenever a voter is denied to become a candidate for the crime of performing her or his patriotic duty of voting, democracy is endangered.  Voting by law-abiding and taxpaying citizens must be encouraged and not punishable by law.

More than ever I am dedicated in accelerating election reform through direct participation of the election process. Indirect democracy like the Electoral College is no longer acceptable. Direct democracy with the popular vote must triumph and endure as the norm. We as a Republic cannot prepare for the future by living in the past.  The United States of America is destined to continue to be the leader of the free world by real-world examples and not by spoken pleasantries, by timely legislative action and not partisanship inaction like filibustering or candidates refusing to have an open, civil and vigorous debate. Cyber security should protect the life, liberty and property of American citizens and not the other way around. At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is this; we all must work together to leave a future for our children better in every way than our own present.

Thanksgiving is a day of Giving.

Therefore I, Hilaire FUJI Shioura herby publically make my declaration to run as an Independent for the office of mayor for the Village of Skokie for the Consolidated Election of April 9th, 2013.

I have consistently maintained a policy agenda of making job creation a top priority through four key topics; education, environment, energy, and economy.

I openly invite all concerned citizens and candidates to a public and civil debate. Public because democracy affects everybody and as an educator I learned the most by authentically listening to the parents and kids in the community! Civil because I will not participate in any personal attacks that will distract from the pressing and critical questions that must be addressed for the betterment of our Republic!

Furthermore, as humanly possible, to remain politically objective and genuinely Independent, I will not accept any monetary campaign contributions and will not allow (directly or indirectly) Super PACs for my campaign in any shape or form, regardless if the Super PACs are for or against my election.

In conclusion, I am committed to running a campaign dedicated to promoting, exercising, and investigating the information on the topics that affect all Americans. I acknowledge I’m an X factor to some people yet our future and the impending fiscal cliff are an X factor also for all of us.  I’m asking the voters of Skokie to take a leap of faith in me and sign my petition in the coming days to be on the ballot to have my say and to hear all sides of an argument, proposal and opinion. Then come April 9th, 2013 you the voter can decide who is the most capable of being your next mayor.

I humbly implore all of you who are reading this to please consider in participating in this 2013 election as a candidate, voter or volunteer.  Your country needs you now more than ever.

Thanksgiving Day

November 22nd, 2012

Independent Hilaire FUJI Shioura

Campaign Site – http://www.skokie.co

E-Mail: Illinois@skokie.co

Telephone: 1.202.758.5890

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