Illinois Committee Gives Lang OK For Med Marijuana

The Illinois House of Human Services Committee approved a measure to legalize the use of medical marijuana on Wednesday. The bill's sponsor, Lou Lang (D-Skokie) told Patch the measure would be the strictest in the nation

The Illinois House of Human Services Committee approved a measure to legalize the use of medical marijuana on Wednesday, the Huffington Post reports. The final vote came in at 11-4.

The measure now moves to the Illinois House for deliberation.

House member Lou Lang (D-Skokie) has been pushing the legalization of medical marijuana for years.

Whenever asked about the possibility of Illinois becoming the nineteenth state to legalize the green leafy substance, Lang is always optimistic.

"Nobody should fear the bill," Lang told Skokie Patch. "This is about quality of life for people.

While the House of Human Services approved the measure, nothing is set in stone.

As the State Journal-Register notes, similar legislation failed in the General Assembly over the years — including the most recent lame-duck session in January,” the Huffington Post reported.

However, other states have recently passed similar bills and Lang is hoping Illinois can become the next state to ride the green wave and help those who can seriously benefit from the drug. Recently, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia now allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Meanwhile, Colorado and Washington have taken it to another level, allowing citizens to smoke pot recreationally.

But for Lang the legalization of medical marijuana isn't about recreation use - it's about helping people who can benefit tremendously from the drug, he said.

"Illinois would be the nineteenth state to pass the bill (the District of Columbia also recently passed the bill)," Lang said. "And of all of those, Illinois will be the most tightly regulated."    

The bill, known as HB 1, can be read here.


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Hank March 08, 2013 at 12:32 AM
You missed the point. It is not a comparison of guns and drugs for medical purposes. It’s how our representative’s moral values have degraded. I’m sure that drug users welcome the legalization of any recreational drug for any reason.
Sandy Champion March 08, 2013 at 01:08 AM
Is it immoral to help the sick and dying? I must have missed that in my moral studies. This isn't about recreational use or moral values, this is about helping people who have tried the medical route, have tried all the pills and treatments available and cannot find relief. This product is sometimes a last resort for many and it works. Drug users will not be able to get this product, this is for the sick and dying only. The bill is very specific on what diseases are covered and if one doesn't have that disease, they don't get the product. I think we need to start thinking about this as a compassionate product for those in need and start pulling away from the reefer madness stigma.
Albert Johnson March 08, 2013 at 01:45 PM
How can anyone be against something like marijuana when it helps cancer people feel better, to give them a better life in the time they have left. Pick you battles folks but not ones that help the sick. have some feeling toward human life. Now gambling, is our state in serious debt? Do we not have the lowest rating of almost every state in the nation. I guess your bank accounts must be full, others are not, if gamgling helps the state to recover financially, how can you be against it? Some people just disagree to disagree. Now if we only had an honest government that wouldn't turn a gambling bill into taking kcikbacks.....,,sorry had to take a break i was laughing too hard. ONE MORE THING...Mr. Lang wants to make the 2 1/2 percent that the state took from us 3 years ago and is suppose to only last 4 years, he wants to make it permanent. For that reason alone. we need to make this Mr. Langs last term in office.
David Wolf March 09, 2013 at 07:32 AM
Sandy your husband can easily reduce all those medications and replace them with marijuana, there arent side effects like those dangerous pills except the munchies and you get tired, but isnt that a lot better than loss of hearing or other dangerous side effects. Its time that we stop living in the past and come to terms with a lot of things, marijuana can be the future and it can help us if we let it. I mean is it really that bad? Have you ever seen a pot head rob somebody? I havent, that pot head is just chillin smoking weed and thinking about what he wants to eat. Marijuana is a drug so is nicotine and caffine, but marijuana is marijuana you cant compare it with other hard drugs because it isnt a hard drug its natural no chemicals. Cocoa plant is natural until you blend it with chemicals then you hace cocaine and crack, see my point? Marijuana isnt bad only the people that think it is arent really opening their eyes and seeing how the lobyiests and corporations are keeping it illegal, why? Your answer is money money money! You think the big drug corps want to lose money because of marijana, they want to keep their so called customers and make money they want to keep marijuana illegal so they dont lose money. Step into the shoes of someone who smokes pot for medical purposes they are just trying to medicate themselves no harm in that, but they get arrested for it and go to jail for a while just from a plant, then that harmless person becomes a harden criminal in jail
Sandy Champion March 09, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Thanks David


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