Giordano's Responds to Jon Stewart's Chicago Pizza Diss

The comedian took aim at deep-dish pizza this week, incurring the wrath of Chicago pizza fans — and Mayor Rahm Emanuel himself.

By Shannon Antinori, Patch.com

Earlier this week, "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart sparked the ire of Chicagoans by adding insult to injury after NYC's One World Trade Center eclipsed Willis Tower as the tallest building in the U.S.

The comedian had the nerve to diss Chicago-style pizza, calling it "tomato soup in a bread bowl," and an "above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats," going so far as to declare that deep-dish pizza is "not pizza. It's a f_in' casserole!" Watch Jon Stewart's anti-Chicago-style pizza rant here.

But Chicagoans aren't taking it sitting down. On Friday, Chicago pizza chain Giordano's posted a response on YouTube. In the clip, Chicago comedian Pat McGann offers a good-natured response to Stewart's ribbing, and asks Giordano's patrons what they think.

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"He thinks Chicago pizza is cheesy?" one young pizza lover said. "Well, I think 'The Daily Show' is cheesy." Another simply replied that Stewart is a "meanie," while a third patron, offered a slice of New York-style pie, uncertainly says, "I'm not sure what this is."

Click the embedded video to watch the full clip, or watch it on YouTube.

Giordano's, which has a location in Morton Grove, wasn't the only one to respond.

On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's staffers had some fun on Twitter, tweeting a photo of the Chicago-style pizza they sent to Stewart with a joking, if somewhat ominous, message:"Jon - Deep dish with dead fish. Love, Rahm," the note read.

What side are you on? And who's got the best deep-dish pizza in Chicagoland?


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