Common Core Standards Takes Over History / Social Studies

BOSTON has ELIMINATED the department of history in its high schools. If you don’t know, Common Core Standards are standards and curriculum for English Language Arts and Math’s. Boston & Philadelphis are the first districts, I heard of, that has eliminated its History department and will falls under the English Language Arts’ department (Common Core).  Read SELECTED PORTIONS of the constitution and the Bill of Rights, and certain books "about" them, AND the shift away from literature and towards "informational texts", Boston, second only to Philadelphia as far as American History goes, has decided to fold it all up together under the ELA standard of the CC. See how sneaky and back-door that is? “BACK ROOM DEALS”…..

There are screen shots of CCSS tests leaking out, and they include some very outrageous arguments, for example:

Write essays outlining why video games are superior to book?

Multiple references to the older generation cling to the familiar because they are not comfortable with technology.

A student who took the beta test in Utah reports that the math and science sections were "strange", with randomly highlighted words, and "colorful, flowing background colors, like swirling paint". He said many of the questions involved manipulating objects, and were unlike anything they had been studying in math or science. There have been many reports of children getting dizzy, sick, and experiencing behavioral changes after taking the tests. Many children have trouble explaining what was on the test, only reporting that it was "weird" and "strange". I think with reports like these, they NEED to make public EVERY VERSION of the test that has been given to students, and they need to be examined for any kind of psychological manipulation. Someone needs to look into these tests…..

Next on the federal education agenda: sciences to fall under Math’s Common Core Standards / Curriculum.

I can’t help to remember all the times Dr. Feser said, “Common Core State Standards are not curriculum they are standards and they are two very different things”.

It’s All About The Kids……


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