Finian's Rainbow

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Skokie Park District's summer camp performance of Finian's Rainbow at the Devonshire Cultural Center. While I may be ignorant, I am not stupid, so I will not be too hard on a free performance from a bunch a little jewish kids pretending to be irish, even though it was a painful performance. My issue is / was with the many parents in attendance and staff. Prior to the show commencing, it was mad very clear from Robin Horwitz (Facility Director) that for copyright reasons there is to be absolutely no video recordings of the performance because a violation could infringe upon the Park District’s ability to procure music, scripts, and etc for any future plays and performances. It was also made very clear that absolutely no flash photography would be allowed because it could put the actors at risk… as well as informing the audience to please silence their cell phones… So what happens, you guessed it, parents openly disobeying ALL of these rules as if the rules do not apply to them. Sitting in the back, I witnessed no less than 6 obnoxious mom’s blatantly recording the entire performance….I counted at least a dozen times when flash pictures were taken and two times cell phone rang… but the worst had to come from the staff that was in attendance. Sitting in the back, talking through the entire performance... and when these same failed actors were not talking, they were on their phones texting. Sorry, call them failed actors is an insult to failed actors everywhere, let’s call them what they really are… underpaid babysitters who do their best to look after all of the future wait staff at Slice of life or Malibu pizza. So…to you delusional parents who believe their child is a star… save your money. Not every child with a single line deserves three dozen long stem roses for their “outstanding” performance. Use the money you save for your child’s therapy, because any child who believes in the delusions as you do will undoubtedly end up being crazy….


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