No more Pam? No more Patch?

1.  Someone made a comment about the editor not responding on a story.  I disregarded it, thinking it was just someone  complaining (like I so often do).

2.  I made a comment on how a story didn't have a correct link.  Pam DeF almost always responds quickly to comments.  Nothing.

3.  I noticed that the Editor's name is not shown on the top or bottom of the Skokie, Niles or Park Ridge Patch page.  I don't know how long that's been, but definitely know it was there when 'new Patch' was going on.

4.  I wasn't seeing the 'normal' routine stories.

So, did a little looking.  This is a link to a story entitled "It’s Nothing Personal: Hundreds Of Patch Employees Laid-Off During Conference Call", dated 2/3/14:


Did I miss this, on Patch?  Is this why the oddities?  Is Skokie Patch going, going, gone?

Pam, If you read this:
If you're no longer with Patch, sincere good luck in whatever you do.  If you're still here, 'What up??'.


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