World Premiere of the film "A Song For You"

George and Gisela Karp in Marseille, 1942.
George and Gisela Karp in Marseille, 1942.
The World Premiere of "A Song For You" by Sharon Karp and Co-directed by Silvia Malagrino will take place at The Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State st, Chicago IL on January 11, at 5 PM and January 14 at 8 PM.

Film Synopsis: "A perilous escape from the Holocaust is experienced as an intimate family story when Chicago filmmaker Sharon Karp and her sisters set out across Europe to trace their parents’ 1943 trek to safety across multiple national borders and through the Pyrénées on foot, often under cover of darkness. An elderly mother’s song echoes through this documentary while the sisters compare conflicting memories and stories of those who helped the family to safety, coming to terms with each others’ perceptions of the past."

Directors Sharon Karp and Silvia Malagrino will be present for audience discussion at both screenings.


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