Clown Causes Disturbance and a Paranormal Break-In

A look at weird crimes in the Chicago area.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

'Who ya gonna call?'

A Winnetka resident told police that someone entered their unlocked home, turned on the water in one of the bathrooms and turned on the patio lights.

Irrational fear confirmed for thousands

Lake Bluff Police received a report of a person wearing a clown mask throwing items from the driver’s side of a black pickup truck.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned

Someone stole an iPhone with a black cover and white stripes from a woman who fainted at an Evanston church.

Gone stealin'

Someone stole tools, tires and fishing poles from the back of a truck in Evanston.

Look, you need a nice TV to watch the Puppy Bowl

Someone forced their way in through a dog door at an Evanston home, then stole a 32-inch Samsung flat screen TV.

Is that a saw in your pocket or are you just happy to steal things?

A Palatine man was charged with retail theft from Wal-Mart after police say he placed a $15.97 price tag on a sleeping bag priced at $47.97, paid the lower amount and left the store. Police said he also had a hand saw in his front pocket that he did not pay for.

Understand, it was his calming candle & Yanni CD  

A customer in Skokie was given a trespass warning after screaming at a FedEx employee because his package was not delivered a day earlier.

Who gave the chihuahua a bullhorn?

A Winnetka resident told police that she heard someone making coyote howling sounds. The caller told police that she is familiar with the sound of howling coyotes and she heard someone in the park repeatedly making the sound.

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