Glencoe Doctor Headed to Prison After Aggravated Assault

Glencoe physician Sergei Shushunov convicted for threatening a romantic rival with a gun in Skokie in May 2011, according to the 'Chicago Tribune.'

A Glencoe doctor is headed to prison for six months for breaking into a Skokie residence and assaulting a man he thought was romantically involved with his wife, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

Sergei Shushunov, 60, of the 400 block of Madison Avenue, Glencoe, pleaded guilty Sept. 27 to assault and home invasion, the Chicago Tribune reported. Shushunov committed the offenses in May 2011. 

Shushunov entered the home through an unlocked front door, according to police reports at the time. Armed with a pistol, Shushunov then made his way toward the upstairs bedroom and confronted the homeowner, according to police.

Dressed in a black leather trench coat and wearing gloves, Shushunov found the homeowner on his cell phone talking to his wife. He then pointed the pistol at the man's abdomen and said, “My name is Sergei. Leave my wife alone,” according to police reports.

Shushunov then beat the victim with his fists and fled the house, police reported.

Because Shushunov took the victim’s Apple iPhone, the case was treated as a burglary and home invasion.

ELois P. Clayton October 02, 2012 at 11:54 PM
I'm sad, that this man got himself in trouble because of his wife's bad behavior. Unless she was being bribed/he was being bribed, there was no reason for him to confront this man. The person he should have taken his concerns to, was his "wife". If he was SO distrout, his next step, was to file for a divorce. Men are being paid alemony these days, with every right, for their rights are just as important as a womans is(and I'm a woman!).
Joe reader December 20, 2012 at 02:24 PM
What is sad about this case is that some will judge his entire life upon this one incident. Potential employers and patients should look at the good he has done for others over years of practicing medicine which far outweigh this one failure to use good judgment. This apparently happened outside the workplace and is something that could happen to anyone under that right circumstances. I hope this guy is givin the opportunity to continue helping others in whatever medical field it is he practices in.


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