Man Charged In Mosque Air Rifle Incident Barred From Leaving State

Judge clarifies the house arrest of a neighboring Morton Grove man charged with the air rifle shooting, and turns down his request to leave the state for work next week. Also, a mosque leader emphasizes seriousness of the shooting.

At a Cook County court hearing Tuesday in Skokie, the man charged withshooting an air rifle at the Morton Grove mosque on Aug. 10 tried to work out details of how he can go to his job while wearing an electronic home monitor.

Judge Marguerite Quinn was amenable to finding a solution, saying she didn't want the man, David Conrad, to lose his job. 

Conrad is charged with (Class X felonies) and one count of criminal damage to property, a Class 4 felony. 

Judge Quinn turned thumbs down when Conrad's attorney, Todd Pugh, asked if Conrad could fulfill his employer's request to go to New Buffalo, Mich. next Monday for work purposes. 

"This is a Class X felony, an allegation of a very serious nature," Quinn said. "I'm not going to let him leave the jurisdiction."

After Pugh sought to clarify the terms of Conrad's electric home monitoring, Quinn clarified that he is allowed to leave his home from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. to go to work, and on Wednesday evenings to attend anger management classes.

At all other times, Conrad must be at home under house arrest, she said. 

Last week, Rizwan Kadir, immediate past president of the Muslim Community Center's Full-Time School board, said a pellet blasted from the air rifle on Aug. 10 hit the MCC building close to where a security guard was standing. While that guard was not injured, the force of the pellet made a small hole in the brick, and could have killed a person, Kadir said.


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