Skokie Ex-Cop Michael Hart Pleads Not Guilty In Battery Case

Cook County prosecutors charged him with felonies after he forcibly shoved Cassandra Feuerstein, who hit a cement bench and broke bones in her face, they said.

Screenshot of Skokie police surveillance video of an injured Cassandra Feuerstein in a police station cell.
Screenshot of Skokie police surveillance video of an injured Cassandra Feuerstein in a police station cell.

Michael Hart, the former Skokie police officer charged with felony official misconduct and aggravated battery, pleaded not guilty Friday morning in Cook County court at the Leighton center, said his attorney, Jed Stone. 

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On Oct. 30, Cook County State's Attorney Anita  Alvarez' office charged Hart for a March 10 incident in which it said he forcibly shoved Cassandra Feuerstein, a Chicago woman he was processing for DUI in the Skokie police station lockup, and  "the force of the shove propelled the woman across the cell causing her face and head to slam into an unpadded concrete bench.  The face-first impact with the concrete fractured the woman’s right orbital bone, loosened some of her teeth and opened a deep cut on her cheek," according to a State's Attorney's office statement. 

Her cheekbone required reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate, and her lawyer said she has vision and dental problems, including loose teeth and difficulty in eating, her attorney, Torri Hamilton, said. 

Stone, Hart's attorney, said he obtained information related to the case, including police reports and CDs, at Friday's hearing. Hart's next hearing will be Jan. 17 at the Leighton courthouse at 26th and California, Chicago. 

See the embedded video from WGN-TV news. 

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Cathy December 07, 2013 at 10:42 AM
Removal of Chief Scarpeli and Deputy Chief Peckter are in order. They encourage the cops to act like boot strapped Gestapo Nazis. If they select John Lockerby as the Village Manager, he will need to demonistrate his leadership and remove Scarpeli and Peckter to change the direction of the police department.
Jackie Brown December 07, 2013 at 02:33 PM
The same jail that michael hart tried to illegally have Mrs. Feuerstein locked up at with false charges against her after he broke her face will be the jail he rots in. Cook County inmates get ready for your new cellie. Take a hint coward hart, despite what your slimy lawyer is telling you, it's on video !
Alexia Soutsos-Abrams December 09, 2013 at 11:43 AM
How can Hart ( he has lost the title officer) say that he is not guilty!! There is video. I grew up in LA when the riots started and they all have that on video also. I moved to Chicago because of my husbands job almost twenty years ago. Like Jackie Brown said "It's all on video. I have been a Skokie resident for 11 years and disgusted to have an officer of law behave this way.


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