UPDATE: Accident on Dempster and McCormick

New details have come in on the Jan. 25 accident that occurred at the intersection of Dempster Street and McCormick Boulevard. According to officials, the driver went into cardiac arrest shortly after the accident and was transported to a nearby hospita

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Police and fire officials blocked of the intersection of Dempster Street and McCormick Boulevard following a single car accident on Jan. 25. According to Skokie Fire Chief Ralph Czerwinski, the accident happened around 11 a.m.

"The car appeared to have been traveling eastbound on Dempster Street and crossed oncoming traffic without event to impact on the tree on the north side of Dempster Street," Czerwinski said. "Arriving personnel assessed the single occupant of the vehicle and determined the individual was conscious and alert."

However, after being placed on a backboard for transport, the patient went into cardiac arrest and was transported to Saint Francis Hospital, 355 Ridge Ave., for treatment. His condition, name and age is unknown at this time.

According to fire officials, reports from responding personnel said roadway conditions did not seem to contribute to the accident, as personnel reported that they did not encounter slippery conditions on the roadway in the area of the accident.

At this time, no further information is available. If new details come in, Patch will update.


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