Dold, Schakowsky Spar on Women's Health

Evanston Congresswoman calls Dold’s recent proposal on women’s health a political ploy. He accuses her of partisanship.

accused Tuesday of introducing legislation merely to cast himself as a political moderate, while Dold replied Schakowsky is unwilling to act in a bipartisan fashion.

Schakowsky made her remarks during a telephone news conference Tuesday with , Dold’s Democratic opponent in the Nov. 6 general election, to explain why Dold’s record on women’s issues is unsatisfactory.

Schakowsky was particularly critical of a bill Dold introduced last week prohibiting discrimination against health care providers participating in certain government programs from excluding services like contraception from coverage as part of the 40-year-old Title X program.

“If (Dold’s bill) were real, absolutely I would support it,” Schakowsky said. “It has no chance of going anywhere. We’ll see if the leadership in the House will let it go anywhere. Does the Republican leadership want a bill that nearly every Republican will vote against?”

Dold was pleased to hear Schakowsky favored his idea but critical of her unwillingness and that of her Democratic colleagues to work in a more bipartisan fashion.

“As a pro choice Republican I will do what I can to pass this bill,” Dold said. “People are unhappy with Washington because Republicans and Democrats are not working together to get something done.”

Schakowsky considers Dold’s bill on Title X as well as his support for other measures political expediency to court favor in the moderate 10th District. In March, Dold voted for the to the proposal favored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

“Of course,” Schakowsky said of her perception of Dold’s motives. “LaTourette is from a district much like the 10th. Their leadership lets them do this for their district. The (10th) District is the most Democratic held by a Republican.”

Dold said he thinks Schakowsky’s criticism is political as well. “This was the first bipartisan budget proposed in the House in years,” he said. “People here want thoughtful, independent leadership. Why does she not support it?”

During the news conference, Schakowsky listed a number of votes Dold has made since taking office that she believes do not show the North Shore Congressman as truly pro choice. She mentioned legislation to prohibit abortion in the District of Columbia, denying the use of federal funds for abortion even if a women’s life is at stake and defunding Planned Parenthood.

“He voted for a continuing resolution that would have defended Planned Parenthood,” Schakowsky said. “There is a time when you have to stand up for your principles. Do you want a 30 percenter or a 100 percenter,” she added comparing Dold and Schneider on issues concerning women’s health.

Schakowsky was referring votes cast just over a year ago when Dold supported an amendment to the continuing resolution to keep funding the federal government to maintain money for Planned Parenthood. When it failed, he voted for the resolution with the provision he opposed.

“I was the only Republican to speak on the House floor in favor of Planned Parenthood,” Dold said. “I voted to keep the government running. I voted to pay our troops and for seniors to get their social security checks.”

Nightcrawler May 21, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Mr. Schulte - What's a "dizzy?"
Richard Schulte May 21, 2012 at 11:09 AM
Mt2: "Ms. Sims, I couldn't agree more, with regard to the 'takeover' at times (not only Mr. Schulte, but he tends to stand out with his 'unusual' point-of-views)!" Hmmm. . . I understand how a group of people takes over parts of Chicago in a demonstration for some cause-we see video of that on the news, but I don't really understand how one can "take over" this blog. Government is spending millions of our tax dollars for security against those who want to take over the street to express their political opinion because a NATO meeting is being held here. How much has government spent to control Schulte on Patch? Schulte is simply engaging is political discussion-no one has to read Schulte's comments, nor does anyone have to respond. Schulte bothers no one, except those who object to his point of view out of fear that other people will read and agree with Schulte's viewpoint. I do find it curious that my viewpoint is considered "unusual". What most people who live in Crook County and in Illinois don't seem to understand is how "unusual" that Crook County and Illinois are. Crook County was recently named the most corrupt city in America. Illinois has just sent its last two governors to prison and is the only state in the nation which does not permit concealed carry. No, I think that Crook County and its citizens are the strange ones for tolerating corrupt gov't for more than 50 years.
Richard Schulte May 21, 2012 at 12:49 PM
"Silence is complicity." Michelle Malkin If you don't speak out against Crook County's corrupt government, then you are complicit in the corruption. If you don't speak out against the Democrat Party's bigotry, then you are complicit in the bigotry. And if you don't speak out against the Democrat Party's "War on Women", then you are complict in the Democrat's use of women as pawns.
Nightcrawler May 21, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Are you homesick, Mr. Schulte? For a guy who hated it here, you sure spend a lot of time virtually visiting.
HOLLY SIGMAN October 29, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Lilly Ledbetter act is meaningless if you don't have a job.


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