Former Mayor, Trustee to Run Again in 2013

Former Lincolnwood Mayor Peter Moy will be running for mayor come 2013. Moy said Lincolnwood has some real issues that need to be addressed.

A first may be in store for Lincolnwood come 2013.

Former Lincolnwood trustee and mayor, Peter Moy, will be running for mayoral office during the 2013 election. It marks the first time a former trustee, mayor is running against another former trustee who also happens to be the current mayor of Lincolnwood, Jerry Turry.

Moy, who will be celebrating his 57th birthday Thursday, served as a trustee from 1995-2000, then as mayor until 2005. He was the first Asian American to serve any municipality in Illinois as its president, according to the village's website. He also supported Mayor Turry when he stepped down several years ago.

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"There is no vision for Lincolnwood and there are a lot of issues that should be addressed by the mayor," Moy told Skokie Patch. "I have a different way of approaching things. I look at the State of the Village  that the mayor sent out [two] weeks ago, and it was basically filler material. The issues are solving the sewer capacity problems, there hasn't been a discussion about plans for Lincoln and Devon avenues and there are a variety of vacant storefronts.

"Whether I get reelected isn't up to me, it's up to the residents," Moy added. "Everyone cares about winning so much, but seeking election in 2013 shouldn't be a popularity contest - it should be about the issues ... There should be sufficient people to enter the race and talk about the issues at hand, and I don't think we've had that the last couple of elections."

For more on Moy, check out the village's website, here.

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