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Victim in Tuesday’s Skokie Shooting is Identified

General Assembly Overrides Veto, Legalizing Concealed Carry in Illinois

Illinois became the last state to legalize the private, licensed carry of concealed firearms on Tuesday, with the General Assembly overriding Gov. Pat Quinn's veto before a court-ordered deadline.

Written by Darren McRoy

Illinois officially legalized private carrying of concealed guns on Tuesday as both houses of the legislature voted convincingly to override Gov. Pat Quinn's veto: the House by 77-31, and the Senate by 41-17.

The new legislation requires a background check and 16 hours of firearms training to purchase a $150 five-year concealed-carry license; as a "shall-issue" law, Illinois State Police must grant the license to anyone with those credentials.

Illinois faced a Tuesday deadline to adopt a concealed-carry provision after a federal appeals court ruled in December 2012that the state's ban on concealed-carry was unconstitutional.

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A law was approved on June 1 by the state Senate, but Gov. Quinn refused to sign it July 2 without several amendments, including limiting carriers to a single firearm with a limited magazine and banning guns from any establishment serving alcohol.

Here is how state legislators from the Skokie area voted on whether to override the governor's veto: State Rep. John D'Amico (D) voted yes, Rep. Lou Lang (D) voted no, Rep. Laura Fine (D) was absent, Rep. Robyn Gabel (D) voted no. State senator Ira Silverstein (D) voted no, Sen. John Mulroe (D) voted yes, Sen. Daniel Biss (D) voted no. To find out who your legislators are, click here. 

The override vote returns the law to its original form passed in June, which has fewer restrictions, but does include several prohibitions against carrying in certain places like bars, schools and government buildings.

Senators did approve three of Quinn's smaller changes in a separate bill, such as mandating carriers to declare to police that they possess a concealed weapon, the Chicago Tribune said. (As of this writing, the House had not yet voted on that bill.)

It was unclear exactly what the consequences would have been if a measure had failed to pass by Tuesday. Many gun-rights advocates said it would result in zero-restriction concealed carry, while gun-control advocates said local governments could start making their own superseding laws.

“There’s no more time,” Chicago Democratic Sen. Kwame Raoul told the Chicago Tribune. “We are here on July 9 and if the members of this chamber have the interests of public safety at their heart, they would vote ‘yes’ to override.”

The Illinois State Police now have 180 days to develop a concealed-carry licensing program, and 60 days to license instructors and training courses, the paper said.

Legislators' votes can be found here: HOUSE / SENATE

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Dan Cox July 10, 2013 at 09:01 PM
The State of Illinois legislature has finally allowed a Conceal Carry Law. What is even more important is the "Pre-emption" Clause, that supercedes and nullifies allHomerule communitie Handgun Laws 100%. No Magazine Bans, No limit on amount of ammo and when you combine that with the "Pre-emption" of all Transportation laws, it is a huge victory over the Homerule oppression of the last 43 years. We are seeing the pendelum swinging back from the oppressiveness of gun-control fanatics and back to what our Founders intended. Freedom and Liberty, citizens Rights, not governmental control and oppression. I can now protect myself, with a weapon of my choice and with capabilities of my choosing. I can do it, even in Chicago, Highland Park, Skokie, North Chicao, Melrose Park or any other Homerule Community that violates the Rights of its residents. Their oppressive Law is null and void for anyone, who is NOT a resident. That in my opinion is...Justice. The people who elect their Tyrannical Governmental Body, are the ONLY ones, effected by their Tyranny.


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