Lincolnwood Mayor Has a 'Change of Heart,' Seeking Reelection

After announcing that he we will not be seeking reelection this April, Lincolnwood Mayor Jerry Turry has had a "change of heart" and will be looking for another term. One Lincolnwood resident has already filed a complaint.

Back in November, Lincolnwood Mayor Jerry Turry said he "served to the best of my ability" and will not seek reelection come April.

Now, the mayor who has presided over Lincolnwood for the last eight years has changed his mind, and announced he will be seeking a third term. The announcement was quietly made through a press release over the holiday break.

“I realized after making my  announcement that there is still much more to do to improve our village and to preserve it as a desirable place in which to live, and work," Turry said in a press release. "I would feel a deep sense of disappointment, if I could not continue to lead that effort for another term.  For those reasons, I have decided to again become a candidate for re-election [mayor] in the upcoming April election, and I hope voters will continue to support me as they have in the past.”

Campaigning via a village press releases is against regulations, however, and one Lincolnwood resident has already filed a complaint with Cook County Clerk David Orr.

That person reached out to Skokie Patch in anonymity and did not disclose his or her name.

"This is a direct political announcement, not a government press release," the source said. "Press releases should [include all] candidates to ensure a fair election process."

Meanwhile, former Lincolnwood Mayor and Trustee Peter Moy is seeking Turry's current position. Moy served prior to Turry and did not seek reelection eight years ago.

"I got my full slate together for election come April 7," Moy said.

In November, Moy told Skokie Patch that he wasn't sure why Turry decided to step down.

"I think it's his decision, I do not know the circumstances behind it," Moy said  in November.

Currently, it looks to be a three-way race between Moy, Turry and former village clerk and library board member Georgia Talanganis. Talaganis is also on the board of fire and police for the village. Due to the holiday break, candidates were not able to return phone calls immediately. 


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