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Lincolnwood Mayor Not Seeking Reelection

Village of Lincolnwood Mayor Jerry Turry will not be seeking reelection come this April. Meanwhile, former Mayor Peter Moy is seeking reelection for the village. Meanwhile, a former mayor and village clerk will be seeking to replace Turry.

Lincolnwood Mayor Jerry Turry has announced that he will not be seeking reelection.

“After careful consideration and introspection, I have decided not to seek reelection as mayor of the Village of Lincolnwood," Turry said. "I have served to the best of my ability, first as a trustee for 10 years, and then as mayor for the past eight.  It has been my great honor to serve.  

"I was fortunate to have thoughtful and hard working Village boards, a bright professional staff committed to excellence, and a community of reasonable and savvy people," he added.

Turry steps down as former Lincolnwood mayor and trustee Peter Moy announces that he will be running for mayor this April.

"I think it's his decision, I do not know the circumstances behind it," Moy told Patch. "I'm not surprised by it. I think he's done a fine job the last eight years. I think the community should show their appreciation for a job that's very difficult.

"You have to commend him for serving two terms in a very difficult position," Moy added. "Regardless, if you disagree or agree with his actions you have to commend him for serving the village for two terms."

Moy will be running against former village clerk and library board member Georgia Talanganis. Talanganis will also be seeking election in Turry's place and is currently on the board of fire and police for the Village of Lincolnwood.


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JC November 01, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Turry knew he had no chance of re-election. Better to leave on his own terms! He did so much for the village, if you are only looking at cultural and personal interests. Business isn't booming, homeowners are no happier, but wow...we have a whole lot of statues, useless walkways, and our own orchestra-the finest money can buy!
judy Abelson November 02, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Boy are you off base. Don't you like that your taxes are lower than most villages? Don't you like that you don't have to pay for garbage collection like some villages? Don't you like our police and fire protection? Do you prefer cracked cement to a beautiful area leading to Village Hall? What statues are you talking about?..one near the Community Center and one near Channel Runne-now Millennium Park? That's so many, right? What have you done for Lincolnwood? My bet is that Turry would have won re-election...people are happy with Lincolnwood. Why are you still here? judy abelson...and what is your name -initial person
JC November 02, 2012 at 01:00 PM
I don't think you understand how your taxes work, Ms. Abelson. Take a look at your tax bill. Our township and high school district taxes are not low. And village-levied taxes are only low because of the mall and car dealership, not anything Turry has done. Of course I like our police and fire coverage. But again, that has little to do with Turry. Any mayor would make those a priority. The "beautiful area" leading up to the village hall was wasteful and created more parking congestion. It serves only the ego of those in that office. The community center is wonderful, but utilized more by outsiders than residents. Almost every park in the village has rotting or broken equipment. Our Public Works department is amazing, but again, is not a sign of anything Turry has done. If you only see two statues, then you haven't seen all of Lincolnwood. There are several in the industrial corridor (which is lacking in businesses), and a dozen or more along the Channel. And Millenium Park? Let's see how much usage that actually gets. Probably just his pet orchestra, a few school kids, and a bunch of Rogers Park folks. I've done plenty for Lincolnwood, the state, and the country, and don't need to defend myself. I'm not in public office. All the things that are great about Lincolnwood have been here since before Turry, and will continue after him. His pet projects and special interests will go away, though.


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