Opinion: Plan Commission Has No Respect For Its Constituents

Tempers flared during a recent public hearing regarding a proposed Walgreens on Dec. 6. One member was escorted out the building while a member of Skokie's plan commission demanded the press stop taking photos of the hearing.

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My husband and I recently attended the Village of Skokie's public hearing for the proposed Walgreens on Dec.  6 and we were shocked by the condescending attitude that was displayed by some members of the Plan Commission to the audience.

Precedence shows that the village looks favorably upon Walgreens making this hearing appear merely perfunctory. Comments by audience members were restricted by topic and time making it very difficult to voice their concerns.

Because part of this lot is currently zoned as commercial, there is an issue of rezoning a residence to change the size of an alley in order to meet code and accommodate a drive-thru prescription window. This will negatively impact our quiet residential neighborhood.

For those of us that live here, this is an emotional issue. Rather than showing any humanity or sensitivity, the assistant corporation counsel representing the Plan Commission found it appropriate to escort a resident out of the hearing because of an understandable outburst due to the impact this project will have on his home. In addition, he threatened to remove a member of the media who was simply taking photos. Thankfully, a commissioner reminded his colleague that this was a public hearing.

Who does the Plan Commission represent? As an advising body to the Village Board of Trustees, one would think that the views of the residents of this community would be considered and respected with a degree of dignity.  The disgraceful actions displayed by some on the Plan Commission will be surely remembered come Election Day this April.


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David Rubin December 11, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I could not agree with this article more. Converting long time residential property, on a residential street, into commercial property, so that yet another Walgreens can occupy yet another Skokie corner? Against the clear wishes of its own citizens? Shameful. If you would like to join me in contesting this project, feel free to e-mail me: d-rubin@neiu.edu
michael b December 12, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Another Walgreens. Way to attract new residents to the area. Amazing. Just like the Salvation Army Store on the corner of a residential area. instantly lowered the property values of all the surrounding homes. Nothing says to prospective home buyers "oooh, I want to live here!" than Walgreens in every corner and a Salvation Army Store. Absolutely amazing.
James Iverson December 13, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Are any photographs available?


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