Salt Shortage Means Slippery Roads: Are You At Risk?

Park Ridge is no longer salting residential streets because it can't find salt to buy at any price. Will we all be sliding on the roads soon?

No road salt for sale, even at inflated prices.

That was Park Ridge Mayor David Schmidt's message Thursday, when he told residents that the city will not salt residential side streets, only arterial roads. Similar caution is underway in west suburban Aurora, where residential streets will get only a sprinkling of salt, if that, according to the Beacon-News.

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Money is not the problem; it's that with the severe winter across much of the U.S. and Canada, there is huge demand for road salt, and the city can't find any to buy, Schmidt said.

Skokie is in better shape, according to Max Slankard, Director of Public Works for the village.

"We have about 1,500 tons on hand, and additional amounts available from our supplier under our contract. We received deliveries from them as recently as last week," he wrote in an email to Patch Friday.

While either the county or the state maintain some roads in Skokie, such as Golf Road, Crawford Avenue, Touhy Avenue and others, Slankard said he knows of no change in the way they will apply salt.

Nearby, Morton Grove Director of Public Works said his town has enough salt for now, but will be applying it judiciously, and possibly mixed with sand. He said the dearth of salt is a hot topic among public works directors.

Patch will update if conditions in Skokie or nearby towns change.


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