Skokie Mayor Declares Mort and Shirley Paradise Day

Mayor George Van Dusen declared Jan. 30, which marked the Paradises’ 70th wedding anniversary, a day to honor the couple’s service to the Village of Skokie.

For many decades, nonagenarians Mort and Shirley Paradise have volunteered their time to the Village of Skokie—serving on the Skokie Plan Commission, their synagogues and the Boy Scouts, to name a few—recently Skokie mayor honored the couple’s service to the community by declaring Jan. 30 Mort and Shirley Paradise Day, Skokie Review reported. 

Mayor George Van Dusen made the announcement during a recent Village Board meeting, where Mort believed he would be delivering a Plan Commission report; Mort told Skokie Review that he was overwhelmed by the gesture.



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