Does Your School District Spend a Lot on Your Kid?

Does your child's ZIP code determine the quality of education he or she receives? We took a look at that in the top 10 spending districts in Illinois.

The average operational expense per pupil in Illinois was $11,841.53. The 10 school districts with the highest operational expenses per pupil spent more than double that number. 

Here's a list of the Illinois school districts that spend the most per student.

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Earl Weiss January 20, 2014 at 08:08 AM
219 and 73.5 spend a lot, but I don't know if it's spent on kids. Soem 219 spokespeople tried to tell us they don't spend a lot per pupil, because they should have more pupils. Someone who sed to work at 219 and now was making the rounds as a Union spokesperson during the recent pension Bru Ha Ha was using the smokescreen about not having a spending problem, they have a revenue problem! They say the same thing all the time in Bankruptcy court. Some reports had 219 with reserves of about $125 Million and serevicing debt on about the same amount. In the private sector this would be misfeasance. It's worse in the schools because te revenue stream (taxes) is guaranteed. cont'd -
Earl Weiss January 20, 2014 at 08:10 AM
219 claimed they did'nt spend to much and a short time later they became the literal front page poster child for excessive spending wih their highest paid Suoerintendant making the front page of the Sun Times. They claimed they needed a tax hike "For the Children" and te first thing they did was get raises all around. What did the kids get.
Earl Weiss January 20, 2014 at 08:14 AM
Both 219 and 73.5 built unneeeded additttions. 219 claiming schools were overcrowded with less students than they had in the 1970's. 73.5 passed a bond issue about 15 years ago for expansion which would have been retired in 10 years with taxes going back down. They never used it for expansion because addittional state $ did not come thru and did not do repairs to science labs so they could claim they needed a new bond issue for repairs and expansion. They never repaid the initial bonds when not used but instead diverted $ for operations So now they market the seconf\d bond issue by saying taxes won't go up - they were supposed to go down. They betrayed the public trust which seems easy to do, and get away with it.


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