Niles North Presents Shakespeare's 'Love's Labor's Lost'

Check out the latest production by the uber talented Niles North theater department from Oct. 11 through Oct. 13.

From the community ~

The Niles North Theater Department presents “Love’s Labor’s Lost” by William Shakespeare on Oct. 11 through Oct. 13 in the Niles North High School Auditorium, 9800 Lawler Ave., Skokie. Performances are at 7 p.m. on October 12 and 13. Tickets are $10. To reserve tickets, please contact the Box Office at (847) 626-2122. A free community performance will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11.

The King of Navarre wants to focus on his education and has declared that no women will be allowed at court—they are a distraction. He convinces his loyal friends to join him on this noble venture. But when the lovely Princess of France and her entourage come to court, how can the king and his compatriots resist?

Staff, production - 

The cast includes Noah Zeidman as King of Navarre; Justin Shannon as
Berowne; Simon Gebremedhin as Longaville; Christopher Khoshaba as
Dumaine; Teresa Franks as Princess of France; Natalie Aleman as
Rosaline; Rachel Sepiashvili as Maria; Joanna Vaklin as Katherine;
Nathan Selinger as Boyet; Eugene Hyun as Don Armado; Martin Wiviott as
Moth; Sam Rosenfeld as Costard; Lauryn Schmelzer as Jaquenetta; Hannah
Sahyouni as Sister Nathaniel; Katie Bean as Holofernes; and Tahir
Razzaq as Constable Dull.

The Technical Staff includes:  Timothy Ortmann, Director; Annaliisa
Ahlman, Technical Director; Teresa Ripley, Costume Designer; Michael
Rourke, Lighting Designer; Brian Fallon, Hair Designer; Linda Room,
Costume Stitcher; Anita Scanlon, Costume Assistant; Anne Zavell,
Production Assistant.

Student Staff include:  Nina Roy, Stage Manager; Athanasia Giannetos,
Assistant Director; Max Dolinko, Assistant Stage Manager; Camille
Paskind, Dramaturg; Sabina Dzelilovic, Shop Manager; Emma Decker,
Assistant Technical Director; Maddie Martin, Carpenter; Ryan Loach,
Properties Master; Sarah Alkyer, Props Assistant; Rachel Sepiashvili,
Sound Designer; Erin Rourke, Sound Engineer; Alex Hammond, Assistant
Lighting Designer; Danielle Kropveld, Master Electrician; Sarah
Alkyer, Costume Mistress; Ryan Loach, Costume Assistant; and
Sebastijan Torgus, House Manager/Promotions.


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