Chicago- the most corrupt city Illinois- the 3rd most corrupt State

Chicago- the most corrupt city Illinois- the 3rd most corrupt State

As if this is something of a shocker, but it seems that the "City that Works," doesn't work all that well or fair. The State of Illinois is not doing so well either.  Perhaps it is the Chicago influence on the rest of the State.

I guess when you have the Chicago Machine that controls all and people who have been in office for decades, it is easy for some to take advantage.  The sad part is, it is the taxpayers of the city and the State, that end up paying and suffering this "corruption tax."

One thing that really drew my attention, was that the Chicago gambling bills that are being pushed (sponsored by Skokie's Lou Lang)  gave no oversight by the State but by Chicago.  Yeah, that's right.  They wanted to put gambling into the most corrupt city in the nation and let them monitor it themselves!  What could possibly go wrong?!

Illinois has a reputation of corruption and fraud, and the people of Illinois need to end the cycle theft and payoffs that the political machine has maintained for the last century. Dignity needs to be restored to our great states name. Elimination of waste and corruption will help us lower our debt and force our politicians to start using tax payer’s dollars responsibly, this, in turn, will attract business and jobs back to Illinois.

More background on Illinois corruption here.

Check out this video

Vincent Romano is running against 16th District incumbent Lou Lang for State Representative. For more information on Romano, click here.

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Vincent W. Romano March 04, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Well I do not think "Candidate Elect" is the proper term for me yet....but I will answer your question, even though a bit off topic. Although getting rid of fraud and corruption and not being known for it, will help bring businesses to Illinois... there is more to the issue. Well to bring businesses back lets first look at why they left.....you want to know only about Skokie, but I will be representing more than that and my vote/leadership will affect the whole state. What is good for the State will be good for Skokie as well...as Skokie has always been a strong competitor for businesses in the State. Currently Illinois is rank 47th in business climate.....if you go to my website at www.romanoforrep.com you will see what my number one priority is. "Economy: The economy is the major issue in Illinois right now! We are ranked near last (47th out of 50) in business climate. This climate is repelling jobs from our state and has to change. Currently our state is giving multi-million dollar tax breaks to convince large companies to stay in Illinois. This is not helping the small businesses in the state and it is not addressing why jobs are leaving Illinois. Our state has to set up a business friendly environment to start attracting jobs again so we can begin growing Illinois’ economy. Vince’s #1 priority is to make Illinois one of the top 5 places to do business in the United States and attract quality jobs that Illinoisans desperately need." (not enough room)
Vincent W. Romano March 04, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Illinois is not only, not bringing jobs into the State, but many companies are leaving at an alarming rate. ( I am sure you have seen the tax breaks given to CAT, CME and Sears) But small businesses do not get these same breaks and many large and small companies have left with over 3,633,000 jobs in the past decade and their over 40 billion in tax revenue. Why the uneven playing field for some businesses? Why not have a good Corp tax rate that will make all businesses prosper and be competitive with other States? Why have a situation where the government not only picks winner now by giving them breaks, but makes losers by having them not be able to compete, with businesses that get the breaks and other businesses in other States.? I did another post on here where the head of CAT just chose to go to Athens, Georgia over IL...why? "Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman penned an explanatory Sunday column in the Chicago Tribune claiming "Illinois hasn't done what's needed to balance its budget and Illinois is among the most expensive states for workers' compensation rates."" So they feel the leadership hasn't done what it takes to balance their budget and make this a safe State to do business in, as well as being the most expensive state for worker’s compensation.
Vincent W. Romano March 04, 2012 at 07:27 PM
We as a State have to compete with other States...what do we need to do to compete is the question. Repealing the corporate income tax rate raise, lower the worker's compensation rate, repeal the income tax raise to make this a better place for workers and their families, get our highest in the nation debt in control, get our commercial property rates lowered, look at making this a right to work State as other States have so we can compete with other states and get our bond rating down so we are not paying 110 basis points more than other States. Then I think businesses will start wanting to come to Illinois and Skokie, as well as grow their business here and not go else where like CAT and so many before them.
David Lewis March 05, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Mr. Romano is correct. Consider the Democrat incumbent he is running against. Mr. Lang has been entrenched in Springfield for more than 20 years. In that time he and fellow members of his party have enabled Speaker Michael Madigan to oversee our state's fiscal demise. A vote for Mr. Romano would serve to potentially eliminate Madigan from the Speaker's position thus allowing business-friendly bills to appear on the House floor for an "up or down" vote. Passage of these initiatives would go a long way towards bringing businesses back to the West Dempster Corridor, the downtown Oakton Street area and other vacant commercial properties that have plagued the village of Skokie.
Ryan June 02, 2012 at 07:16 PM
The state of Illinois needs new leadership. Replacing Lou Lang in the House would definitely be a step in the right direction. One look at Lou Lang's voting record and it is clear that the representative would like a casino on every street corner. That industry does nothing but attract organized crime and enables undisciplined citizens to hand over their hard earned money to crooks and politicians like Lang.


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