The Artist Behind ArtEffects, Twilight Shuffle Logos

Libertyville resident Heather Chen designed logos for both events and spearheaded efforts to bring ArtEffects to Cook Park Library.

Heather Chen, a mother of four and an arts advocate, has helped start several art programs in .

The latest was the , which showcased students’ artwork from around the district at Cook Park Library. See photos from the art show on Libertyville Patch’s Facebook page.

Chen says she was inspired by the District 73 student art show at Aspen Library.

“I recruited two friends, Jennifer Jensen and Lisa Moulton, and together we formed the ‘arteffects committee,’ ” Chen said. “We were thrilled to have the support of Jan Hastings and Colleen Koebel at Cook Library and all three of the art teachers in .”

Chen worked with district art teachers Megan Russel and Cindi Sartain as well as the library staff to coordinate details for the show. She also designed the logo and poster for the event. Click the video above to watch Chen explain her inspiration for the logo and poster.

“There are so many people with great ideas that would benefit their community,” Chen said. “I wanted to communicate to them that it doesn’t hurt to pitch an idea. With a little support, a good idea can become a reality.”

Chen volunteers her time at district schools and serves as co-chair of Copeland Manor School’s parent-run Art Appreciation Program, which introduces new artists and techniques to children through art history lessons and projects. Chen also has helped plan three of , a biennial event where the school devotes a day to music, dance, theater, fine arts and applied arts. .

Apart from sharing her talent with local schools, Chen also helped develop the identity for MainStreet Libertyville’s Twilight Shuffle 5K. She said it was harder to create a logo for the event because of the long name. She decided to truncate it to Twilight Shuffle but maintained MainStreet Libertyville’s identity by turning them sideways to form “l”s in the words Twilight Shuffle.

“The work I do for the schools and community is very rewarding and meaningful; it’s important for me to advocate the arts as a way to nurture, validate and spark the creativity of students young and old,” Chen said.


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