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Ad Kids, Inc.
6200 N Hiawatha Ave, Chicago, IL 60646-4309
Kids Health Partners
9631 Gross Point Rd, Skokie, IL 60076
Drs. Mary Hall and James Olson run Kids Health Partners, a pediatric practice located by the North Shore UniversityMore HealthSystem/Skokie Hospital complex. It provides comprehensive medical child care, as well as after-hours on-call support. The office is located in Suite 102.
Seneca Park
8720 Keystone Ave, Skokie, IL 60076
Seneca Park on Keystone Avenue was obviously designed with kids in mind. There is a jungle gym (with a slide) andMore plenty of open space for kids to run around in. Parking can be found on Keystone Avenue. Note that there are no sports fields or courts at this park.
Rhodes Magnet School
3701 Davis St, Skokie, IL 60076

Rhodes Magnet School doesn't kid around when it comes to community. You hear it from the staff, the kids and theMore parents. It's even embedded in their online mission statement:  "We all know each other. We help each other out. Students, staff and families pitch in. Older students have a responsibility for younger kids. We want every child to reach his/her personal best. We recognize that each child has a special gift. Every child will be encouraged to reach his/her potential. We are all here to learn and help each other learn."

Since becoming a magnet school in 2004, Rhodes has been helping its students reach new heights of community and personal responsibility, as well as pushing their academic skills to the limit.

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