Brian Novak for Skokie Trustee
As a 38 year old licensed attorney and 7 year Skokie resident committed to a variety of charity, philanthropic and volunteer endeavors I am uniquely qualified to serve on the Village of Skokie Board of Trustees. My wife Cyndy and I have a daughter, 8, and a son, 6.
For the past 4 years, I have had the privilege to sit on the school board for District 73.5. Currently, I serve in two capacities - as the Board Secretary for District 73.5 and as the Board President for District 807 (a cooperative of 9 member school districts). These roles have allowed me the unique opportunity to work on budgets, procurement, contract negotiation community safety and many other important issues. I am most proud of our district's ability to remain financially prudent to ensure our district could weather the economic downturn and beyond. I also have the honor to work as a Consumer Affairs Commissioner for the Village of Skokie. In this role, I act as the liaison to the Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Task Force, as well as committeeman to the Skokie farmer's market. My experience with the Commission has afforded me the opportunity to work with local business merchants, discuss important issues with State Representatives, meet with Westfield executives to learn about important developments, and build relationships with Village staff. Additional community involvement includes my work as Vice Chair with the community group Skokie Voice, as well as the Chair of its Economic Development committee; Coach for Kids Run the Nation; Home Delivered Food Volunteer for Village of Skokie; the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation; Misercordia; PTA and block party organizer. I believe if we are truly to be a Village of Vision as our Village seal states, then we need buy-in from the community. We need to elect Village leaders who have a proactive approach to ensuring that every Skokie resident has a voice in our Village government. I will be that leader.
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