Ryan Zimmerman
Bio: Ever since I was eight years old I always knew the career path for me. It was in the field of meteorology. I was famous with the students as well as the teachers in all my classes as the go to person for any weather questions or concerns they had.
A few years later, as I pestered my parents to subscribe to cable TV so that I could get the Weather Channel, I entered their contest about why I loved cable. I won and my prize was making a commercial for the cable company. I also made the cover of the Pioneer Press in 1994 complete with an interview about me- the local Lincolnwood weatherman! I went to Northern Illinois University and Northeastern Illinois University where I studied meteorolgy, geography and climatology. In high school I interned at a private weather company where I eventually worked. I also interned at Fox Television and did some forecasting on a morning radio show. I was also a member of a tornado research team where we studied storms in detail. In late December 2004 I took all my experience and knowledge in meteorology and started my own weather consulting company called Weather by Request. Today I have built an impressive client base ranging from the Cincinnati Reds to snowfall removal companies and villages and towns all over the Chicago area. Although I have never been on a storm chase, it is something I would love to eventually experience. It's definitely on my short list for the future. Besides weather, I enjoy going to the Art Institute and discovering new artists and art work. I also enjoy sports, especially baseball, both watching and playing.
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